Other (Non-Japanese) Burials

These burials are scattered somewhat randomly throughout the cemetery. Since these graves do not form discernable rows, they are listed here alphabetically. The plot numbers referenced are from the plot map drawn by trustee James Hart in 1889; his original map is displayed in the office of Auburn Mountain View Cemetery.

Angeline Seattle was a member of the Muckleshoot Tribe and Nettie Williams was African-American; the remainder of these graves represent early white/European pioneers.

Faucett Monument - Auburn Cemetery
Faucett Family Monument

Marked Graves

Women's maiden names, where available, have been included parenthetically in the lists below although they do not appear on the actual grave markers. Except for maiden names and plot numbers, the entries below include only the actual information appearing on the stones.

Unmarked Graves

Many of the white/European families moved established graves from Auburn Pioneer to Auburn Mountain View Cemetery or other local cemeteries after Mountain View was opened in 1890. The graves listed below are believed to still be in the Auburn Pioneer Cemetery for one or more of the following reasons:

– The person died after Mountain View's opening in 1890;
– We have been unable to locate the person in the available records for Mountain View or other cemeteries;
– Most are included on a list of those still buried in the cemetery composed by Rose Hart Butler (daughter of cemetery trustee James Hart) sometime before her death in 1966.

This list is NOT comprehensive.

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